Flight Training

Basic Flight Training: $240 per flight hour for dual, $195 per flight hour solo

Professional Pilot Full-time Integrated course: $NZ69,700 Candidates graduate with 240 hours total flight time, and the NZ Commercial Pilots Licence and MEIR rating

Hour building packages: from $180 per hour

Pacific Pilot Training Modular Courses: as listed below – available either full-time or part-time

The Pacific Pilot Training Total PPL course (module A1): 55 hrs flying $14,900

The Pacific Pilot Training CPL (modules A2,A3,A4): 150 hrs flying $41,800

The Pacific Pilot IFR rating and Multi-engine IFR endorsement: 35 hrs flying $18,950

The Pacific Pilot Instructor rating: 35 hrs flying $12,200

PBN and GNSS Endorsement (MEIR) course: 5 hours flying $4,200