Basic Flight Training: $240 per flight hour for dual, $195 per flight hour solo

Professional Pilot Full-time Integrated course: $NZ75,700
Candidates graduate with 240 hours total flight time, and the NZ Commercial Pilots Licence and MEIR rating

Hour building packages: from $190 per hour

Pacific Pilot Training Modular Courses: as listed below – available either full-time or part-time

The Pacific Pilot Training Total PPL course (module A1): 55 hrs flying

The Pacific Pilot Training CPL (modules A2,A3,A4): 150 hrs flying

The Pacific Pilot IFR rating and Multi-engine IFR endorsement: 35 hrs flying

The Pacific Pilot Instructor rating: 35 hrs flying

PBN and GNSS Endorsement (MEIR) course: 5 hours flying

Groundschool/Theory Courses:

PPL Theory Subjects: $300 per 2 Day Course

CPL Theory: $450 per 3 Day Course


Hire Costs for using P.P.T. Aircraft

Evektor Sportstar $195

Cessna 152: $200

PA18 Super Cub: $290

PA28 & C172: $260

PA28R Piper Arrow: $300

PA34 Seneca: $720

Additional Charges

Any aerodrome and airways charges: e.g.: NZNS; $30 for Sportstar

BFR and type ratings: $40 additonal charge for ground work and administration

Instructor hire (own aircraft): $60 per hour flight time

Ground tuition: $40 per hour ground time

Aircraft use is charged according to flight time per the definition under NZCAR Part1 (“chock to chock”)

The Pacific Pilot Training integrated course and modular courses include: Flight training and ground briefings, airways and landing charges, tuition for the relevant theory exams, study materials, student guide, pilots logbook, ground course fees, type rating issue on required training aircraft (as applicable), examination fees and flight tests. GST is included. Costs do not include: medical fees, exam or flight test resits, any additional experience requirements or tuition that may required by individual candidates beyond the course components in order to meet the syllabus standard.

Payment Policy: Pay-as-you go flight training and aircraft hire requires payment immediately following each flight or at the end of each day’s training. All Pacific Pilot Training integrated course and modular courses require a minimum of one third payment of the total course fee before the commencement of training.
Refund Policy: P.P.T. has a formal refund policy to ensure it treats clients fairly and consistently and meets its legal obligations. Withdrawal before one week in advance of the commencement of any course entitles the client to a full refund. . Withdrawal within the week in advance of the commencement of any course entitles the client to a 90% refund Withdrawal within the first 10 days of a course entitles the candidate to a 75% refund of any payments made.