Microlight Flying

Pacific Pilot Training promotes recreational flying to simplify access to aviation for all aspiring pilots – whether as a hobby, part-time pursuit, or ass a great way to build hours. Microlight class of aircraft are increasing in both popularity and sophistication. A microlight piloting certificate falls outside of jurisdiction of the Civil Aviation Authority and allows individuals to circumvent the stringent medical requirements of a CAA licence. Flying microlights is also a chance for aspiring commercial pilots to gain a range of experience beyond that offered by compressed training courses.

Pacific Pilot Training’s LSA aircraft allow training for both Microlight Certificates and CAA licences. PPT has access to a range of microlight aircraft available for training and personal use. The syllabus for mirolight pilots is same as that of the PPL and so we apply the same standard and requirements for both qualifications. Go to the PPL Training page.

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