In order to become a competent and safe pilot you must fully understand not only how an aircraft works but also  the impact of weather conditions and other external factors, how to plan a safe flight, how to correctly communicate with other pilots and air traffic controllers, and your responsibilities under aviation law. Therefore, a crucial element of any pilot’s training is ‘Groundschool’ or ‘Theory Training’.

At Pacific Pilot Training we have developed a series of intensive short theory courses specifically designed to ensure that students develop, retain and know how to apply this critical knowledge. Delivered by our most experienced instructors in a state of the art classroom environment these courses are the best possible and most cost effective  preparation for the examinations you must sit and pass in order to be issued with a PPL or CPL accordingly.

There are six subjects at PPL Level:

And six subjects at CPL Level:

Advance bookings and payment are essential for all Theory Courses -to ensure your place check out our Course Dates and then to make a booking Contact Us

If the dates just don’t work for you and you want to tailor a course to meet your needs then you can rely on Pacific Pilot Training to be 100% flexible – just Contact Us and let us know what you need!

Our Theory Course Fees  include instruction and training materials but do not include text books or examination fees.

All theory examinations are conducted at an independent site and are in the format of multiple choice questions.