Flight Training

Welcome to the world of flying: At Pacific Pilot Training we are dedicated to providing customer focused flight training and fostering flying based activities for aspiring aviators.

We use the latest state-of-the-art training aircraft and the most experienced instructors.

For a first taste check out our range of introductory packages below or go directly to our course information for all you need to know about


The Intro ($120):
A 30 minute flight around Nelson Bays – you get to experience the feeling of piloting an aeroplane

3 Flight Total Experience Package ($590):
A series of 45 minute lessons aiming to introduce you to the fundamentals of piloting as a start to your flight training program

Introduction to Aerobatic Flight ($200):
Experience the edge of the envelope with a qualified aerobatics instructor. Flights start at 45minutes duration

All the Way to Solo ($2990):
This flight training package aims to enable you to achieve solo flight; 10 – 12 hrs

The PPL Club:
This package allows you to fly according to your budget. Make regular weekly payments (minimum $50) and for every 15 hours of flying we give you an extra hour FREE!!!!

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